Nivedita Foundation

Nivedita Foundation began to work as a social group in 2004 and legally registered in 2006 Nivedita Foundation has been working with various social and cultural issues in Chhattisgarh State and gaining good rapports of its endeavour. Nivedita Foundation has given priority to raise voice on issues related to women and adolescent girls. Nivedita Foundation works both issues women's rights, as well as Human rights at the State level.


Nivedita Foundation is a voluntary charitable trust working for the leadership and empowerment of women from tribal, Dalit, and other marginalized communities. It aims at the emergence of a just and humane society that is based on values of social justice, participation, empowerment and equality, including gender equality, and gender justice. The foundation is also trying to bring lights to the issues like land encroachment, displacement, migration, education, health, good-governance, livelihood, leadership and so on.


We follow a rights-based approach towards improving gender sensitivity. Our modes of intervention include. alternative education, strengthening Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRI), designing and delivering Capacity Building Programs (CBP), fostering.


Help construct a society which is: self- reliant, conscious of socio-economic issues, where there is a spirit of cooperation, where women and girls are appropriately skilled to undertake their choice of activities without hindrance or dependence, where there is leadership development while maintaining gender equity, Justice & above all each having a respect for the values of others and each striving for the good of the greater Society.


Nivedita Foundation created small groups of informed adolescent women called Kishori Balika Sangathan. Through regular meetings where common problems are discussed and solutions are explored, these girls get equipped to manage tough familial or social circumstances. Through this process, we have made aware 30 adolescent girls in the first phase and observed that domestic violence cases have reduced significantly among their families. The number is now 410. Kishori Balika Sangathan now exists in 10 villages and will spread at state level in near future. As a result, these young women are able to make two household (mother's and in-laws' place) successful and safe and in the process, they are fuelling major social reform.

Smooth and effective functioning of village development plan and government schemes required more focus on community based organizations and specifically on capacity building of such organizations. Hence the intervention in the direction of leadership was much needed. The selection of members happened through meeting with selected villages leaders and assessing the population. Several surveys were also conducted to identify responsible citizens. Potential leaders were identified from within communities, who were selected to be representatives at the community-based organizations (CBOs). These representatives were then provided capacity-building trainings and equipped to lead the developmental efforts in their localities.


Realizing that women in dalits and tribal were easily exploited by the patriarch, Nivedita Foundation took the initiative to took the initiative to make adolescent girls encouraged and united through meetings and workshops to combat issues related to reproductive health, education, trafficking, domestic violence and more.


A number of community-based organisations were created and strengthen. his was done through capacity building of community leaders towards village development and enable them to raise their voice.