Case Study

CASE STUDY - 1 Gurbari Sidar

NAME Gurbari Sidar

SEX Female

AGE 17 years 6 Months

CASTE Aadiwasi (ST)

PLACE Shankarpali

Name of Family Members

·         Mother Name- Mathura Bai sidar

·         Father Name- Larmin Sidar

·         3 sister 1 brother – First  elder sister is married  Second  Guruvari Third her Brother Fourth  is a younger sister.

ISSUE  Child Marriage


Gurbari  Sidar is 17 years old.  She is member of Village level Girls group in Shankarpali village of Dabhara Block. Gurubari’s parents had scripted her destiny soon after her birth. Doing household chores, some years of schooling and early marriage was planned for Gurbari.

Gurubari had seen this happen in her family, her elder sister was married off soon after her 10th standard. Before this could happen to Gurbari, she joined the girls group by Nivedita Foundation supported by Oxfam.  This was an eye opening experience for her. She learned about gender equality and adversaries of child and early marriage. But her brother and father wanted her to marry. For them Gurbari was “paraidhaan”, thus the sooner she is married the better.


After joining at NF and attended various meeting and Training program on violence against women’s. Then she understood what are the domestic violence, girl’s rights, child marriage, women’s rights, and gender equity then increase confident level against action at home. 



1.      Join to Adolescence girls, group.

2.      Gave training of child marriage, force marriage, Women’s rights, fundamental rights, girl’s rights.

3.      Counseling their family members.

4.      Increase their Self confidence.



She understood effect coming after child Marriage & its Problem. And she able to make them understand their family member’s to stop her Child marriage.


Submitted by

Kamini Dharma