Case Study



SEX Female

AGE 40 years

CASTE Aadiwasi (ST)

PLACE Shankarpali

Name of Family Members

·         Husband Name: Kuso Sidar

·         Children’s Name: Three Children’s–One Boy-Dipak Sidar-Age-13years 2 Girls-Jayanti Sidar-19 & Mamata sidar -17

ISSUE:  Domestic Violence


Santoshi Sidar is resident of Sankarpali 40 years old was suffering from domestic violence. It began soon after her marriage. She is mother of three children.  Her assumption was women are made for service only. They have to look after the family, care for the children, care for husband and nothing else. She was mentally and physically tortured by her husband. Her husband was an alcoholic and by which family disturbance was created. From every angle santoshi was exploited. But it was not in her knowledge that all these violence are called domestic violence and she was brooking everything. 3yaers before she came to know about the NIVEDITA FOUNDATION and its activities going on throughout the villages. She started to involve herself in every meeting, training of NIVEDITA FOUNDATION and obscurantism raised in her. She participated in different rally as Fire rally, Cycle rally and anti-intoxication.she gained knowledge about the Women’s Right, low of domestic violence through the Chhattisgarh Mahila Manch. After all she was able to realize what was happing in her past life and raised the voice against her husband. She tried her best to bring conversion in her family.


After joining NF and attended various meeting and Training program on violence against women’s. Then she understood what is the domestic violence, girl’s rights, child marriage, women’s rights, and gender Discrimination on Education. Then increase confident level against domestic Violence action at home.



1.      Join to Women’s group.

2.      Gave training of Women’s rights, fundamental rights.

3.      Counselling their family members.

4.      Increase their Self confidence. 

5.      Motivation was made for Women’s regular meeting at village level.

6.      Emotional support was given to Santosi.

7.      Opportunity was created to involve herself in Women’s related activities organized by NIVEDITA FOUNDATION.


Now Santoshi is aware about the domestic violence. She has brought a big change in her husband. Now her family understands what the violence against women is and her self-respect is not hampering now.


Submitted by

Kamini Dharma