Case Study

CASE STUDY - 3 Jyoti Sahu

NAME Jyoti Sahu (Changed Name)

SEX Female

AGE 17 years


PLACE Shankarpali (Changed Village Name)

Name of Family Members

·         Mother Name-  Shrimati Sahu (Changed Name)

·         Father Name- Sukhlambar Sahu (Changed Name)

·         4 sister 1 brother –Soni-Married-32 years, Chandrakanti-Married-22 Years, Chandrakala-20 Studying in College, Jyoti Sahu-18 Years, Studying in 12thth Class, Youger Brother, Alok Sahu-16 Years, Studying in 12th Class. 

ISSUE Gender Discrimination for Education.


Jjyoti Sahu is 17 years old girl study at +2nd year resident of Sankarpali village. Always she was interested for study.   But her family members were not giving priority in Joyti’s study. Always they were talking about their son’s education. Whenever she was talking about her further education with her father he was ignoring her by telling that you are a girl and you have to get marry and go to another house so why do you have to study?  Very often she was sad for this.  She was watching in television that how girls are going to college, driving vehicles, wearing different design of dresses by seeing this she was excited to have it all but she was quiet enough. Few days before in their village brother Lakhan and sister Kamini had gone and explained about the girl’s group to the girls. After that she also joined girls group and slow by slow started to come in training programme in which educational rights and gender equality was explained by the sister Kamini. At first she had no any idea about the gender but personally she met with sister Kamini and made herself understood about gender. Sister Kamini said that in our society those fabricated statement are there regarding boys are not truth which we are admitting. Every child has right to education, right to move these all are written in our constitution.

After that jyoti insisted to study to her parents then also they were not agreed.  She had no any option except going to the school principal and requests him to interpret to her parents. Principal interpreted jyoti’s parents by giving example of successful women in our society but then also there was not much changes in their thinking. Their parents had already decided not to permit her for further studies.  Then also she was constant in her decision and continued her studies. She told her family members if you are not supporting me then either I will take help of sarpanch or NIVEDITA FOUNDATION.


After joining NF and attended various meeting and Training program on violence against women’s. Then she understood what is the domestic violence, girl’s rights, child marriage, women’s rights, and gender Discrimination on Education. Then increase confident level against discrimination on Education action at home. 


1.      Joined Adolescence girls Group.

2.      Gave training on child marriage Act 2005, prevention og forced marriage, Women’s rights, fundamental rights, girl’s rights.

3.      Counseling their family members.

4.      Increase their Self confidence. 


After all the efforts and guidance of NIVEDITA FOUNDATION Jyoti’s family is convinced for her further studies. Jyoti’s mother has also personal support besides her. She wants her daughter’s freedom. Now Jyoti has taken admission in collage and continuing her study.


Submitted by

Kamini Dharma (Field Mobilizer)