Projects Details

Project -1

Support Agency- CASA

Location- District: Janjgir-Champa

Goal of the project: To equip and empower the poor and marginalized to claim their entitlement to a secure livelihood and as a result achieve sustainable improvements in their lives.


§20 tribal leaders of both men and women, with special reference to PVTG and tribal groups, developed and addressed their basic livelihood and entitlement issues of reference communities in the targeted area.

§A people’s organization and its network (of CBOs) and grassroots level civil society emerged and was better equipped to address the key issues of livelihood, inequality, injustice, food security and governance through conflict sensitive practices at the district level.

Strategies of work

§Organization and institutional strengthening.

§Networking and Policy Advocacy.


§Mass mobilization.

§Capacity building.

§Study and Research.

Target Group: The project was operational in 36 villages of 7 Panchayats of the Bodla and Pandariya block of the Kabirdhaaam district of Chhattisgarh. A total of 2204 households was targeted comprising of 5105 males and 4652 females. 13,224 people indirectly derived benefits from the project. The total population of the targeted area was 95757 comprising of 80% ST, 5% OBCs and others. The project extensively targeted the Baiga community which constitutes of about 98% of the tribal population. This project also involved fellows, other CSOs working in the project area, networks, people’s organization and CBOs. These groups were organized in the social form in terms of CBOs of a different nature as issue based groups, youth and women’s groups.