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Project -2

About the Project

Project Theme

Ending Violence against Women

Support Agency: Oxfam India

Target Group


Project Period

01 Nov 2015 - 31 Mar 2016


The project includes three fold approaches including preventive and redressal approach to reduce DV against women & Girls. The first approach which also includes under preventive measures include Gender sensitization of youth and men to change their traditional perceptions as to gender role and responsibilities. This will be done by working with community groups (Village level Community Based organisation), adolescent youth groups (Girls and boys), women and men groups and conducting gender training programs, improving local resource base livelihood options, building village to block and district level women’s forum and develop leadership quality of CMM members. This will also involve strengthening Chhattisgarh Mahila Manch, the women’s collective at state level to have a strong grassroots presence to support and address women’s issues across the project area and at the state level. 

The second approach includes redressal measures that involve supporting and empowering survivors of violence to get justice. Specific interventions designed for this purpose include formal and informal support services. The purpose of these services are boosting their self-confidence to take decision, social, psychological, economic and legal support, etc. 

The third approach includes advocacy, policy level changes and effective execution of PWDVA. It will help women who suffer domestic violence. Regular advocacy will act as a pressure mechanism to enable effectiveness in execution.


Results to be Achieved / Impact

· To strengthen Chhattisgarh Mahila Manch to develop a cadre of women leaders for addressing Violence against Women (VAW) and reducing the social acceptance for VAW.

· To increase the conscious level of youths to become more gender responsive.

· To advocate for effective implementation of PWDVA, 2005.