Projects Details

Project -3

Project name: Leadership programme for the youth of marginalised community in Janjgir-Champa District

Project Duration : 2017 to 2019

Support Agency: PHF 

NF has identified 30 fellows from Sakti block of Janjgir Champa region. The total population of the block is 20,213. Sakti has 53% of Dalit followed by 21% Tribal population. The district has power hubs like National Thermal Power Corporation Limited (NTPC) and those results in land grabbing leading to migration and displacement of the local community.

The focus is on building capacities of potential grassroots leaders such that they become the ‘change leaders’ in these tribal areas of CG. There are community leaders with integrity and sincerity and willingness to work in the most difficult situations, but lack the wherewithal to convert ideas into results. However, in remote and underdeveloped area like CG, These individuals provide communities with hope and an option for them to challenge their state of deprivation.

NF will support these individuals to develop their understanding and help in forming community-based organisations. Investing in capacities of such people can help them build organisations that can bring together their enthusiasm and energy with a more professional analysis of the development situation making the work more impactful, relevant and sustainable.